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mickey i am pregnant again


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There is not enough love for this post!!!!
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Noel Fisher photographed by Bryan Kong for The Fashionisto
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Mickey is a secret journal chained closed with a padlock, slammed inside a vault and dropped into the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Noel Fisher describing Mickey Milkovich on The Fashionisto (x)    
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fuck you lookin’ at? / the fuck are you lookin’ at?

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2/10 Scenes -  2x12 ~ “Fiona, are you awake?”

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shameless meme  » [6/10] scenes

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kiss me and i’ll cut your fucking tongue out.

reblogging again because I JUST realized how Mickey left one screen and basically walked into the other

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Alright, so I’ve seen this before where people question where we’ve seen Ian love Mickey (like truly show it) and Ian has loved Mickey when:

  • Ian loved Mickey when he saw him as a person, worthy of affection, despite his appearance and status.
  • When he wanted to kiss him, but also respected that Mickey didn’t want it and/or wasn’t ready for it — shrugging it off.
  • When he smiled adoringly at Mickey, wanting to be closer to him despite Mickey’s barriers. 
  • When he trusted Mickey to help him take the pain and distress away from Monica’s return.
  • When he gripped his hand, and brushed over the knuckles comfortingly while they were intimate.
  • When he rushed to Mickey and held him as he lay on the ground in pain, despite Kash standing behind him with a gun.
  • When he threatened Kash, so Mickey could get commissary.
  • When he visited Mickey, even though he was not obligated to.
  • When he confessed he missed Mickey, and dared to look past Mickey’s rough exterior.
  • When he went with Mandy to go pick Mickey up from Juvie, because he wanted to see him.
  • When he openly shared his dreams and aspirations with Mickey, and cared about Mickey’s lack of them.
  • When he remembered Mickey as a child in little league, because he was important then as he is now.  
  • When he wanted to help Mickey get a job and make a future for himself, but did not press the issue when Mickey was uncomfortable.
  • When he had sex with Mickey face to face, and held his legs comfortingly, as they went slow during this vulnerable moment between them.
  • When he tried to ease Mickey’s concerns after they had been found out, by normalizing their relationship to that of his sibling’s relationships with their lovers. 
  • When his main concern after Frank walked in on them, was that Mickey was going to hurt himself by landing himself in Juvie again.
  • When he smiled real wide when Mickey said he missed him.
  • When he worried Mickey hated him, and told Mandy he liked him.
  • When he didn’t want Micky to get in trouble for collecting from kids he sold drugs to in school.
  • When he desperately searched for evidence that Mickey had the look for him.
  • When he dropped hints for Mickey, hoping he would pick up on them but still giving Mickey the space to choose when and where to kiss him.
  • When his whole world lit up when Mickey did kiss him.
  • When he freaked out that Mickey got shot again, and sped all the way back home.
  • When he tried to console Mickey when he was laying there bleeding and yelling.
  • When he teased Mickey for inviting him to a sleepover, but it being the greatest feeling in the world.
  • When he snuck glances at Mickey as they watched movies.
  • When he didn’t make Mickey feel weird or gross about the anal beads despite it being a little weird for him.
  • When he promised to be careful with Mickey’s body, and tried to relax him as they had sex.
  • When he was so upset and distraught that he couldn’t stop the harm done to Mickey right in front of him.
  • When he desperately needed to know if Mickey was okay.
  • When he tried to explain to Mickey that this wasn’t okay, and that Terry was trying to control him.
  • When he glared at Mickey’s abuser with such intensity.
  • When he let it slip that Mickey is the person he loves. 
  • When he let Mickey stay with him, because his home life was triggering and terrible.
  • When he wanted to bring Mickey with him to the loft party.
  • When he wanted to kiss Mickey again, but Mickey was scared and he gave him a moment to decide if it was okay.
  • When they did kiss, and Ian held him comfortingly making him feel secure and safe.
  • When he looked at Mickey adoringly at the loft party. 
  • When he felt comfortable sleeping side by side with Mickey.
  • When he let Mickey sleep in his own bed. 
  • When he admitted that Mickey smells nice, despite everyone mocking Mickey based on his appearance and smell. 
  • When he made food for Mickey.
  • When he tried to stop Mickey from hurting himself again by hurting someone else, by reasoning with him.
  • When he relied on Mickey to calm him down.
  • When he defended Mickey against his abuser, as his abuser tried to beat Mickey publicly.
  • When he consoled Mickey afterward, and complimented his appearance.
  • When he held onto Mickey as they slept skin to skin in one small section of a larger bed. 
  • When he obviously feels guilty for having ever harmed anyone, including Mickey, while his life was spinning out of control. 

Love is complex. It is not just kisses and hugs and sex and loving words. There are many ways of showing it, and Ian’s love towards Mickey is real and it is multi-faceted. 

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