make me choose ♡ mothrie asked:

↳ sam winchester or castiel?

Gonna teach some arrogant, college wapanese assholes not to fuck with the South Side.

orphan black meme: {1/5} relationships

↳ Felix and Alison 

I enjoy getting lost in general. If I go to a city, my favourite thing to do is to go and get lost, and if I get lost in a character, that’s perfect, and if I don’t get lost in a character, that’s when something is wrong.


Look at his eyes. Look at his lips.
When I first saw this scene, I honestly thought that Ian would have some kind of emotional breakdown. I was already picturing him quietly crying on his bed during the night, but it didn’t happen, because he has always known that Mickey didn’t mean it, that he’s always loved him, even though he was all bitchy with him. [ x ]

I guess I’m old fashioned

- i think relationships should be taken seriously

- sex isn’t everything

- manners are always attractive

- caring about grades is attractive too

- chivalry is a plus

- saying “please” and “thank you” will blow my mind

- break ups shouldn’t be often and when they are they aren’t taken lightly 

list of shows you need to watch


  1. shameless u.s.
  2. shameless u.s.
  3. shameless u.s.
  4. shameless u.s.
  5. shameless u.s.

hi i'm daniela and my life is pointless

+ arrow, season 1
+ the kill order
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multifandom you'd probably find more shameless stuff in here. mickey milkovich is the character i was looking for all my life [okay, i'm a little dramatic]