hello there | name: daniela | age: seventeen -almost eighteen yea. | from: camelot
multifandom blog but shameless is my priority. IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED SHAMELESS YET... WTF IS WRONG WITH U
lalalalala noel fisher and dylan o'brien are babes
sweater weather.
| what is this I feel? why is it so real?
What am I to say? it's only love, it's only pain. it's only fear that runs through my veins. it's all the things you can't explain. that make us human.

» you are the @urberfacts to my noel fisher.
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shameless + cinematography 


Having to lie about how you feel fucking sucks.

We all have our scars.

"It’s a concerning moment when you realize that what Netflix recommends for you is My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic."

"if you give half a shit about me Mickey…"
"hey, hey"
"half. don’t do this.”

arrogant characters

arrogant characters refusing to admit they care about people

arrogant characters not realizing they care about people

arrogant characters realizing they care about someone after something terrible happens to them

- entire fandom right now, probably (via breenwolf)

Dylan Sprayberry being an adorable little shit on Wolf Watch